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Screened In Porch Kits

This premium porch screening system creates a new outdoor living space using extruded aluminum frames complete with screening and hardware that, when put together, create a permanent installation. Screen porch kits are custom designed to fit your needs.

Extruded aluminum framing makes the walls virtually maintenance free. The built in spline grooves on the outside face make it easy to screen in and even replace the screen. Enjoy outdoor gatherings or just relax in your favorite lounge chair on a hot summer day without worrying about pesky bugs.

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We offer solutions from different manufacturers. Our job is to find the best quality products from great manufacturers at great prices. While all of these solutions would work in most scenarios, each one has advantages depending on your priorities.

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Patio Covers

Do It Yourself Porch Screening Kits

This is a high quality, long lasting screen room that is easily assembled within one to three days depending on the size of your application. All parts are screwed together with no plastic pieces, ensuring a lot servicable life.

The screen porch system framing is all extruded aluminum with baked on enamel finish. The supplied hardware is extruded aluminum for maximum strength and weather-ability.

Materials for your kit will either shipped in their stock length of 24' or in some cases may need to be cut down to cut down to 12' lengths to meet carrier maximums. As a DIY product, it is expected that you will need to make final cuts on site. This includes, but is not limited to, beam lengths, post heights, panel widths, side fascia/front gutter lengths and wall system mainframe/u-channel lengths. A chop saw with a metal blade is all you need. Our system is supplied with everything 'internal' to the kit including all the screws, mullion clips, spline, screening and weather-stripping required for your application.

Almost any size is possible!

White Porch Screening Kit

Features and Specifications

  • No obligation quotations!
  • Nation-wide factory to door delivery!
  • 3-4 week delivery times
  • Almost any size is possible
  • Over 16 years experience in helping you do it yourself!
  • Aluminum Frame Screened-in patio kits
  • Toll Free help line: 1.800.922.4760
  • Shipment tracking
  • Over 16 years supplying contractors, government, commercial, HOA's and commercial corporations
  • Extruded aluminum framing!
  • Includes 18x16 mesh count screening
  • Choose from 3 different colours and 10+ screen types
  • Final dimension cut 'on site'
  • Any number of screen doors possible!

Frame Details


2x2 Aluminum Screen Frame

The 2" x 2" frame system is by far the most commonly used screen enclosure kit due to its quality and value mix. The vertical 2x2 posts of the screen wall system supports the roof structure and is capable of loads up to 40psf with openings less than 40". These posts also have a spline groove integrated that is used to directly screen in the room and minimize visual obstructions. There is no engineering available the 2x2 system, so not recommended when going for building permit.

2x3 Aluminum Screen Frame

Increasing the size of the frame to the stronger 2" x 3" posts allows you to increase the size of the openings while still maintaining up to a 40psf snow load rating. They are similar in style and function to the 2x2 system, but can support more roof load due to the larger construction. These systems have engineering available, so the preferred choice when a building permit is needed.

Flat Pan Covers

Screen Options


Wide Range of Screen Options Available

We have fifteen different screen options ranging from standard fiberglass woven from permanent glass yarn, to a glass shield fiberglass mesh that has been vinyl – laminated, tightly-woven aluminum mesh, pet-resistant insect screening that is tear and puncture-resistant to prevent damage by dogs and cats, solar Insect Screening offers the ultimate in insect protection while at the same time stopping up to 65% of the sun’s heat and glare, and more!

Screen Options

Style Options


Kick Plate

Roll formed aluminum kickplates offer protection on the lower portion of the screen walls that are subject to more damage from impact or animals. Choose to have no kick-plate, 18" high kick-plate or 24" high kick-plate.

Kick Plate

Chair Rail / Horizontal Mullions

For rooms without a kickplate, a horizontal 2x2 chair rail is recommended to be installed between verticals if any openings are larger than 54". Horizontals can be placed at any height you wish, but we recommend somewhere below the midpoint to create a clear line of sight for when you are seated in the room. Add more horizontals if you prefer an alternative visual appearance.

Chair Rail


Aluminum extrusions and panels come is several colors that can be selected individually to create your own unique space. Choose between white, clay, wheat or dark bronze for any or all of the components. Your room can be one single color or accent with a combination of light and dark colors. The choice is yours!

White White
Wheat Wheat
Sandstone Sandstone
Dark Bronze Dark Bronze
Black* Black

*Black is only available on the 2x2 screen wall kit

Windows & Doors



From one-lite tempered glass and insulated storm doors to Classic screen doors with brass or platinum hardware, we have ten different styles of doors - including a full-lite 2 inch aluminum insulated door that has a Residential Performance Grade (PG) of R-PG50.



Windows are available as an upgrade to screen walls to create a full three season enclosure. Generally, these are recommended to be ordered once your screen room has been installed to ensure optimal fit of the windows. We have four window options available, from standard fiberglass screening to heavy duty windows, horizontal sliders and vertical four track panels - all long lasting and not easily damaged.


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**Please note that some items are custom made and are not returnable**

We provide personal service and advice on your selection. Please call or email us with your questions on deck size, clearances, installation advice and tips. We are here to serve.

Obtaining necessary permits is the sole responsibility of the purchaser. Customers agree to hold Patio Concepts Inc. and the manufacturer free of any liability for improper installation, maintenance and repair.

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Covid-19 Impacts

Thank you for your interest and continued support on behalf of all of us at Patio Concepts. The manufacturer of this product has a complex supply chain and has been significantly impacted by the 2020 Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. As a result, we are experiencing longer wait times for delivery of product, and shipping (along with increased cases of shipping errors or backordered items) with all of our hardtop enclosures, patio covers and screen wall systems.

Rest assured we are committed to delivering these exceptional products to you and will ensure you will receive your product, to spec; however, it is difficult to provide accurate delivery lead time or commit to projects that are time sensitive. Every effort is being taken to get back to standard lead-times and this should be a short term challenge as we deal with a higher than normal spring demand. We will keep you up to date on the order process and happy to answer any questions before, during or after the product is purchased.

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