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Insulated Patio Covers & Awnings

Laminated Aluminum Roof Panels with Polystyrene Core
Insulated Awning

DIY Kits for home, cottage or RV!

It's time to put up that new insulated patio cover that you've been planning for years! This do it yourself kit consists of "engineered" polystyrene core insulated panels which come in three thicknesses.

To support your new panels we have extruded aluminum beams and posts - all in an unlimited size range! Designed for "on site" final cuts by you, this unit adds value and functionality to any home while giving the homeowner the satisfaction and flexibility to do it themselves.

Made in Canada with high quality materials, our insulated patio covers are maintenance free come with full instructions and are designed according to IBC standards meeting all municipal load ratings.

Whatever size you need... we can look after you. With 3 thicknesses of polystyrene core insulated aluminum panels, these patio cover / carport kits can accommodate most snow loading requirements. A simple beam and post arrangement keeps the patio cover or carport clean and sharp looking.

These interlocking panels can be walked on, insulate against heat transfer and you get a finished ceiling. Easily screened in at a later date!

Looking for a different style of shade cover for your backyard? Checkout our range of maintenance free vinyl pergola options.

Insulated Awning

Features and Specifications

  • Facing: ASTM 3105 alloy maintenance free aluminum skins with baked on enamel finish, topped with our unique Krystal Kote clear coat

  • Core: Type II high density expanded polystyrene

  • Adhesive: Moisture curing, one part, 100% solids, non-volatile, type III urethane adhesive, bond strength (AL – EPS 1.5#) = 20 – 33 PSI

  • Extrusions: ASTM 6063-T6 alloy, Fu = 30,000 PSI, Fy = 25,000 PSI

  • Built in gutter with large water capacity and radiused inlet to reduce over spray

  • White, Sand or Earthstone colours (Earthstone is not permitted as a top roof skin colour)

  • 3”, 4 1/2” and 6” thicknesses

  • Engineered roof panel system can be configured for any lb./sq. ft. snow load rating and up to 120mph winds (see load tables given below)

  • The size of beam, beam placement, number of posts and distance between posts are all dependant on your local load rating requirements...
    (see "how to get a quotation" page)

  • Factory painted columns and beams.

  • Posts with wall thicknesses of .090" gauge extruded aluminum .

  • Designed and engineered for loading in your area.

  • Don't hesitate to call us toll free with questions 1.800.922.4760

  • You will need to find out your wind and snow load rating from your local building department in order for us to stand behind International Building Code standards

  • Downspout assemblies are quoted unless otherwise requested

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  • Prices in ($) CAN for Delivery Included to most major centres

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Maximum Panel Simple Span Load Table

This table does not replace the importance of researching your own municipal load requirements!

Projection 3" Roof Thickness 4.5" Roof Thickness 6" Roof Thickness
8' 76 lbs./sq. ft. over 80 lbs./sq. ft. over - 100 lbs./sq. ft
10' 47 lbs./sq. ft. 79 lbs./sq. ft. 97 lbs./sq. ft.
12' 29 lbs./sq. ft. 52 lbs./sq. ft. 67 lbs./sq. ft.
14' 20 lbs./sq. ft. 38 lbs./sq. ft. 54 lbs./sq. ft.
16' n/a 29 lbs./sq. ft. 49 lbs./sq. ft.
18' n/a n/a 35 lbs./sq. ft.

Delivery Included!

Delivery Included within Canada. All pricing includes delivery to your home, business or cottage address in or near most major centres within Canada.

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*Some remote and island ferry access areas subject to a surcharge. Other exceptions may apply.

**Please note that some items are custom made and are not returnable**

We provide personal service and advice on your selection. Please call or email us with your questions on deck size, clearances, installation advice and tips. We are here to serve.

Obtaining necessary permits is the sole responsibility of the purchaser. Customers agree to hold Patio Concepts Inc. and the manufacturer free of any liability for improper installation, maintenance and repair.

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Call: 1 (800) 922-4760 and talk with our experts. We provide personal service and advice on your selection. Please call or email us with your questions and installation advice and tips. We are here to serve.


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