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W Pan Aluminum Patio Covers

Strong, durable and low maintenance do-it-yourself W-Pan aluminum patio awning system and carport kits made for all municipal load ratings.
Flat Pan Aluminum Patio Cover

Do It Yourself! You've been putting it off! Now is the time to put up that new flat pan patio cover. Protect your car from the elements or your backyard deck from the sun.

Our aluminum W Pan systems are made for all municipal load ratings and are the ultimate in strong, durable aluminum, low maintenance, do it yourself kits.

Made in Canada with high quality materials, our Flat pan patio covers come with full instructions and are designed according to IBC standards meeting all municipal load ratings.

Two gauges of aluminum pans, beams and posts - all in several colors and an unlimited size range! Designed for "on site" final cuts by you, this unit adds value and functionality to any home while giving the homeowner the satisfaction and flexibility to do it themselves.

TThe aluminum pan system patio covers are ideal for the price conscious home owner, while still giving a practical professional looking finished product.

W-Pan Stairwell Awning

Features and Specifications

The Northlander W PAN Patio Cover Systems come with instructions, fascia gutter, aluminum side fascia, 12" wide 'Flat' pans, screws, sealant, downspout assembly, beam and posts as necessary.

  1. All quoted units are designed to meet 2009 IBC standards using live load ratings of 20 - 80 pounds per square foot (psf) and wind ratings of 50-100 miles per hour (mph) respectively.
  2. Simple span load table given below for your convenience
  3. All front heights should be calculated on a specification of a 1" - 2" drop per foot of projection.
  4. Both Wall attached and Free-standing systems available
  5. Projection (pan direction) is indicated as the distance away from the house, from the house wall to the front of the unit.
  6. Width is the distance along the house wall that the unit is to span.
  7. Your posts will need to be spaced according to the IBC standard determined by the required load rating (see point #1).
  8. Tools You May here
  • "3 x 12" W pan systems are available in .032 and .040 gauge thicknesses. The thickness you require will be determined by the live load rating set out by your local building department.
  • Northlander Patio Cover is built to your specifications
  • Durable baked-on enamel finish never needs painting
  • Northlander Patio Cover has built-in large capacity gutter system
  • Strong, sturdy all aluminum construction resists Canadian weather.
  • Provide protection without complicated construction
  • (1) Downspout assembly is quoted unless otherwise requested
  • Flashing requirements must be purchased locally
  • Designed and engineered for loading in your area
  • Also available in 'free standing configurations
  • All aluminum components ensure a rust free, long life!

Maximum Panel Simple Span Load Table

This table does not replace the importance of researching your own municipal load requirements!

Projection .032" Pan Thickness .040" Pan Thickness
6' 75 lbs./sq. ft. over 80 lbs./sq. ft.
7' 56 lbs./sq. ft. 75 lbs./sq. ft.
8' 42 lbs./sq. ft. 57 lbs./sq. ft.
9' 34 lbs./sq. ft. 45 lbs./sq. ft.
10' 27 lbs./sq. ft. 36 lbs./sq. ft.
11' 22 lbs./sq. ft. 30 lbs./sq. ft.
12' 19 lbs./sq. ft. 25 lbs./sq. ft.
13' n/a 22 lbs./sq. ft.
14' n/a 19 lbs./sq. ft.

Our units are pre-engineered systems that have been approved by qualified, provincially approved engineers. Our systems are rated according to 2009 International Building Codes. Snow drifting and wind uplift have not been considered in the wall attached units. If local specifications require such engineering, these standards can be met at an additional cost. Current approved standards assume an importance factor equal to 1 & wind exposure equal to "B". If you require documentation and registered engineering stamps we will submit your request with your quotation. We cannot talk to engineers about such items prior to knowing what it is you require.

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