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Delivery Instructions

Please note that the estimated delivery time quoted to you at the time of your order is based on information received from the manufacturer at that time. It can never be a guarantee of delivery time. Patio Concepts Inc. will inform you immediately if we become aware of a change in circumstance from the manufacturer.

In keeping with our high standard of customer service, both as a company and with the manufacturers we represent, we would ask that you keep the following instructions for when you receive your order.

Smaller Items

Whenever possible, for smaller items, UPS will be used as the delivery company. UPS deliveries must be within the Contiguous US. UPS will not deliver to APO, FPO or PO Box #'s. Deliveries to non-UPS shippable addresses may not be possible OR may take longer to arrive and may cost more money. We do not offer "Special Shipping" (3-Day, 2-Day, Overnight, etc.), we ship UPS Ground Only.
Larger items will be delivered by Common Carrier (ABF Freight, N&B, APA, Yellow Freight, Overnite Express, Estes or any other major carrier deemed worthy by the manufacturer).

Larger Items

Many of our products are shipped via Common Carrier/Freight Truck, using several different Common Carrier companies which are selected at the discretion of our represented manufacturers. To help avoid damages materials of long lengths may be cut in multiple pieces; any of the materials may be cut to any lengths and spliced at any location at Patio Concepts Inc. discretion.
The carrier (delivery company) is paid to call you and set up a delivery time. At that time please take down the shipping company name and phone number. If they don't show up exactly on time, it would be the shipping company you would call. Patio Concepts Inc. and Patio Concepts Inc. are not responsible for how the shipping company adheres to their shipping schedules. We will assist in any way we can however we may not be able to affect the day's outcome.

The following applies to most common carrier deliveries.

  • Shipments by common carrier are delivered to or as close to the purchaser’s property line (Driveway) provided the location is deemed accessible by the delivering freight carrier. The drivers’ responsibility ends by opening up the back of the truck. The driver is not responsible to unload to the curb. It is highly recommended that you have someone to help you unload your unit from the truck and into the garage or backyard.
    A standard 12 foot square screen room comes in a 7’ high, 4’ wide and 10” deep box weighing 125lbs. A standard 12’ x 10’ patio awning weighs approximately 160 pounds. A 12' x 24' steel garage is a set of 5 - 150lb. boxes. In all cases your unit will be shipped and packaged such that two people can carry any portion of your unit.
  • ou will be given a reasonable time frame to unload freight ranging between 15-30 minutes. Please be aware that freight is prepaid and that no additional expenses should be paid to delivering freight Carriers for deliveries described above. In the event that a clerical error has occurred - call us 1.800.922.4760
  • If you wish to have the shipping company do more than what has been laid out above, they do have "pay for service" options available. You will need to discuss that with the shipping company when they call to make the delivery time arrangements.

Shipping Locations

The Patio Concepts Inc 'Delivery Included Offer' includes standard ground shipping by UPS or Common Carrier on all orders to most major centres in Canada.

Please note that this offer does not include freight rate up-charges to Newfoundland and Labrador, Vancouver Island, Nunavut, NWT, Yukon or other northern or remote areas. Shipping charges will be added for anything other than our standard methods of shipping and for stand-alone options. This 'Delivery Included' offer does not include unloading of said products and we would refer you to our delivery policy page for further clarification.

Areas of limited accessibility will be exempt from this offer. It will be deemed the customer's responsibility to inform Patio Concepts Inc. of the potential limitations of their geographic location and appropriate freight rate up-charges will apply accordingly.

Patio Concepts Inc. reserves the right to end or change this 'Delivery Included Offer' at any time. Please contact us for shipping rates on orders that may not meet standard shipping requirements or Custom Orders at (800) 922-4760.

In Case of Damage

Please note that shipping companies reserve the right to come out to the site to inspect any damages being claimed.

Most shippers and drivers are wonderful people and honestly do their best to assist you, however damage and accidents can occur. If there is damage, stay calm, there is always someone to assist you with the inconvenience. Call us right away and we will solve the problem promptly and in a time efficient way.

Your Responsibilities

  • Inspect the boxes carefully for any damage or holes
  • Please note ALL damages on the bill of lading which the driver has you sign
  • There may not be any damage to the unit itself, however, if we do need to get some new parts out to you, knowing who is responsible for the damage will help speed the process up
  • Please understand that it is only the most extreme cases of damage where the shipment should be refused. If you are considering refusing, please attempt to get hold of us while the driver is still there. We will try to guide you in this decision
  • If the damage is so severe as to warrant that the unit be refused, know in advance, that it will take a few weeks or more to get a replacement shipped


If you have purchased: W Pan, Flat Pan or Insulated Patio Cover | Hard Top Screen Enclosure | Screen Wall Porch Screening System

  • Inspect the boxes and contents carefully. If there is damage to the contents of any box, the entire box is to be returned
  • Keep all boxes whose contents are not damaged!
  • Please note All Damage on the bill of lading which the driver has you sign

Special Instructions for the exceptions:

The carrier is under instruction to take back all boxes with damaged material and leave the rest. There is room for your use of judgment in this process. For example if you have a 24' beam that has been badly damaged 2 feet from one end and you are only using 20 feet of the beam on your unit, there is no advantage in sending the beam back. Boxes that are properly documented and sent back will then be replaced and shipped out to you promptly. Please call us with the items that were damaged so we can expedite the order.

What we can do

  • Work with you, the shipping company and the manufacturer to get you the replacement parts as quickly as possible. Manufacturing times and shipping distances will obviously affect timelines.

What we can't do

  • Get replacement materials for damage that is not noted at the time of delivery
  • Honor claims of damage after the unit has been signed for 'as received in good condition. (Click here for further explanation)
  • Offer 'inconvenience' compensation for timelines that change due to manufacturing or shipping delays
  • Offer compensation for agreements between our customers and their contractors that may be affected by manufacturing or shipping delays.

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Patio Concepts Inc.

Delivery Included!

Delivery Included within Canada. All pricing includes delivery to your home, business or cottage address in or near most major centres within Canada.

Call Toll Free 1.800.922.4760 to speak to a representative or to place your order!

*Some remote and island ferry access areas subject to a surcharge. Other exceptions may apply.

**Please note that some items are custom made and are not returnable**

We provide personal service and advice on your selection. Please call or email us with your questions on deck size, clearances, installation advice and tips. We are here to serve.

Obtaining necessary permits is the sole responsibility of the purchaser. Customers agree to hold Patio Concepts Inc. and the manufacturer free of any liability for improper installation, maintenance and repair.

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We would love to help! Call and talk it through with us.

Call: 1 (800) 922-4760 and talk with our experts. We provide personal service and advice on your selection. Please call or email us with your questions and installation advice and tips. We are here to serve.


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Covid-19 Impacts

Hello! We hope you and your loved ones are healthy and safe. Our Patio Concepts team is continuing to take every measure to ensure the safety of our employees and meet the needs of all our customers. COVID-19 has resulted in an unexpected surge in product sales.

People are using their backyards and gardens as a sanctuary and escape during these trying times. We love this! However, this has keeping up with demand a challenge. Be assured we are doing everything possible to work with our vendors so we can quickly ship out your orders.

Thank you for choosing Patio Concepts!