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The details in section #1 need to be completed to process your order or request for a quote. Completing the additional options in the following sections will help us process your request faster, but if there are details about your order you don't know, don't worry! One of our DIY experts can follow up with you to answer any questions you might have.

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In Your Drawing...

  1. Indicate all the existing posts which are going to be incorporated into the enclosure.

  2. Indicate the distances between each post.

  3. If you have no existing posts that you want included in the installation, give distance away from house walls and distance between corners.

  4. There are applications where the screen walls can be installed either inside or outside existing post locations. In order to help determine spacing between verticals in our system, you should include those post placements in your diagram.

  5. Indicate whether there are existing railings and whether they are to be considered in the screen wall application.

  6. Our screen wall system can incorporate as many screen doors as you need. We offer a standard 36" wide out-swing screen door with 18" bottom kickplate; including all hardware, handles and door closers. Please i Indicate, in your drawing where each door is to be placed, including the distance from house wall, existing post or corner post. In other words how many inches / feet away from the wall or post do you want your door to be placed.

  7. Indicate the highest dimension from floor (deck or patio) to the existing roof line. If there is a significant variation between wall heights, be sure to list them on your drawing.

  8. Indicate whether you require a bottom kick-plate or not (which can be no kickplate, 18” kickplate or 24” kickplate)

  9. Indicate desired framing color - - white, clay or bronze

  10. Print this sheet to fill out your request for quotation... click here! Be sure to include, name, telephone number and an email address.

  11. Once we have reviewed your drawing and asked any remaining questions, we will send you your quotation which will include cost, details and a drawing that indicates how to use the material.
  12. The drawings below are a sample of what you would send and then what you will get back from your
    "no obligation" quotation...
  13. This is a "materials supplied" screen room system designed to add beauty and functional 3 season living space to your home. To help you close in your existing roof line, you will receive 16' and 20' lengths of material. All material is extruded aluminum, and will be supplied in up to 4 different profiles depending on your application. You will be cutting both the vertical and horizontal profiles from these 16' & 20'lengths, and screwing them together, much like an Erector set! A chop saw with a metal blade is all you need. Our system is supplied with everything 'internal' to the kit including all the screws, mullion clips, spline, screening and weather-stripping required for your application.
H122 - Vertical supports

H122 - Vertical supports

H120 - Used in place of the H122 on a corner

H120 - Used in place of the H122 on a corner

H121 - Horizontal supports (top, bottom and mullion)

H121 - Horizontal supports (top, bottom and mullion)

H123 - top and bottom U channels

H123 - top and bottom U channels

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Delivery Included within Canada. All pricing includes delivery to your home, business or cottage address in or near most major centres within Canada.

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**Please note that some items are custom made and are not returnable**

We provide personal service and advice on your selection. Please call us at 1-800-922-4760 or email us with your questions on deck size, clearances, installation advice and tips. We are here to help.

Obtaining necessary permits is the sole responsibility of the purchaser. Customers agree to hold Patio Concepts Inc. and the manufacturer free of any liability for improper installation, maintenance and repair.

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Call: 1 (800) 922-4760 and talk with our experts. We provide personal service and advice on your selection. Please call or email us with your questions and installation advice and tips. We are here to serve.


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Covid-19 Impacts

Hello! We hope you and your loved ones are healthy and safe. Our Patio Concepts team is continuing to take every measure to ensure the safety of our employees and meet the needs of all our customers. COVID-19 has resulted in an unexpected surge in product sales.

People are using their backyards and gardens as a sanctuary and escape during these trying times. We love this! However, this has keeping up with demand a challenge. Be assured we are doing everything possible to work with our vendors so we can quickly ship out your orders.

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