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How to Measure...

Lip Frame Clear Vinyl Windows

Ezee Breeze Aluminum Frame Windows

The 10-mil vinyl glazing gives the benefit of glass without the cost or the weight. It's as transparent as glass, but not nearly as heavy. Or expensive. Or susceptible to cracking or breaking. If accidentally pushed or distorted, the tough 10-mil impact resistant vinyl will return to its original shape within minutes. A product with a memory.

Why not get more our of your investment?
Eze-Breeze is a addition to your screens making your outdoor space an indoor space in the twist of a clip!

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Frame Colour

Vinyl Colour

Window Measurements

All windows larger than 42" in height or width will require a 'spreader bar.' Please provide exact daylight opening measurements for each area that requires a window.

**Maximum window size = 50 1/2" x 72" or 72" x 50 1/2"

Top Panels
Bottom Panels
Spreader Bar?


  1. You will first need to complete the installation of your screen walls system. Your windows are necessarily a 'post' installation purchase, so that we can ensure that each window fits the opening it is built for.

  2. You will need to measure each 'daylight' opening giving exact width and height of each opening. Do not add or subtract to that measurement!

  3. Number each opening, moving left to right and according to the drawing that was given to you to use for your screen wall installation. If you do not have a kickplate, then you would have "Opening #1 - top | Opening #1 - bottom" for your first set of measurements, and so on.

  4. Please reference your original quote number to us.

  5. We will need to know which color of frame you require and which color of vinyl you require

  6. You can fill out the form below or you can print the order form and fax or email it to us.

Fill out the form below OR
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