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Jardin Patio Plus System

Veranda Jardin Patio Plus Screenroom

Wall Attached Deck Enclosure Kits

With a heavy duty, waterproof, heat-sealed vinyl top, this deck enclosure is the top of the line in 3 season screen rooms. Designed to go up in the spring and come down in the fall, the ease of assembly is the beginning of this great design!

To protect yourself from West Nile Virus add a three sided screen room to your deck or patio and start enjoying the outdoors, without the mosquito, as well as with protection from the sun, wind and rain.

Shown here is the GP1500-10 | 10' x 15' unit with white top and white frame. This system illustrates the benefit of putting the horizontal support bars at the 1/3 level of the total height of the screen panel - - easy to look out of the roof when you are sitting down.

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Features and Specifications

  • The support bar on the inside of the screen panels is at the 1/3 level from the bottom on all panels. This means that you have a clear line of sight when seated.
  • Smooth Rolling Sliding doors standard - specialized top rail roller system allows for a strong, easy sliding door.
  • 1" Galvalum roof rafters are standard, giving superior strength and durability.
  • The 5" overhang off the front of the system add elegance and functionality.
  • We have a roof tightening system built into the end of the roof rafters which extends 5" beyond the  screen walls providing a roof overhang. Roof tensioning system accessed from within the overhang using a large thumb nut for ease of operation. The combination of roof overhang, roof tensioning system and roof pitch means that water accumulation on the roof is virtually eliminated.
  • All panels are bolted together. No silly cables or plastic pieces. The supplied hardware is stainless steel for maximum strength and weather-ability.
  • The room MUST be screwed to a deck or patio. PVC brackets are supplied and slide into the underside of the frame extrusion. The bracket allows for a screw down on both sides of the extrusion.
  • Special system available for Trailers (no extra holes in your trailer wall)
  • Attaches to your home or cottage wall
  • The triple ply, heat sealed (welded joints), 14 ounce soft vinyl roof is made to last! Our 14 ounce vinyl tops are made in our own factory. We use a heavier, stronger vinyl with a smoother surface than our leading competitors and the vinyl panels are heat sealed together in both the free standing and wall attached units, not sewn.
  • Vinyl Top Color Choices - Hunter Green, Dark Blue, Gray, Taupe or White
  • A full set of clear or vinyl windbreaker and privacy panels available to enclose your unit from the weather. Check out our Options Page for details and pricing. Simply snap them in behind the screen.
  • Screen Panels are a 1/8" thick extruded aluminum - light weight, but very strong. Panels are 44" in width and 74" high with pre-installed fiberglass screening, top to bottom. The supporting bar is positioned at bottom third of panel for maximum viewing pleasure. The height of the screen panels gives easy walk through and allows for a cooler room on the hot sunny days. The frame is 1-1/8" wide x 3/4" thick aluminum with baked on enamel finish. Frames have four colour options: Standard white or taupe, and premium black or antique brass (+ $35 per panel).
  • Total height of each frame is 74" with 2" header rail on top.
  • The room SHOULD be screwed to a deck or patio for maximum strength in summer storms.
  • This is a very high quality, long lasting patio room that is easily assembled within a few hours.
  • The unit comes with instructions.
  • Frame color choices are standard white or taupe, and premium black or antique brass (+ $35 per panel).
  • Full one year warranty.
  • Prices in ($) CAN for Delivery Included to most major centres
  • Extruded aluminum framing in two colors
  • Pre-assembled and pre-screened framing
  • Precision stamped frame corners
  • 14 oz heavy duty heat sealed vinyl top
  • Built in roof tensioning system
  • Optional Clear Mylar window system

How To Measure

Although there is a standard back wall height of 98" given in the pricing table below, we suggest you choose the best height - to the inch - for your application.

The minimum back-wall height requirements for all Projections is 91" and the maximum is 104"

How To Order

Jardin Patio Plus System Pricing

Pricing table below lists pricing for different projections (distance from house) and widths (distance along the house) for a standard 98" Back-Wall Height. The height is adjusted for your specific requirements. The minimum back-wall height is 91" and the maximum is 107".

Model # Projection Out from House (C) Width Along the House (A) # of Panels Unit Only Unit with top/bottom Mylar Windows Unit with Top Mylar Windows & bottom Vinyl Panels
GP-1000-07 7'6" 10' 7 $2,741.00 $3,299.00 $3,400.00
GP-1100-07 7'6" 11'3" 7 $3,132.00 $3,690.00 $3,792.00
GP-1500-07 7'6" 15' 8 $3,585.00 $4,223.00 $4,339.00
GP-1800-07 7'6" 18'9" 9 $4,111.00 $4,829.00 $4,959.00
GP-2200-07 7'6" 22'6" 10 $4,562.00 $5,360.00 $5,505.00
GP-2600-07 7'6" 26'3" 11 $4,997.00 $5,875.00 $6,034.00
GP-3000-07 7'6" 30' 12 $5,536.00 $6,493.00 $6,667.00
GP-3300-07 7'6" 33'9" 13 $5,990.00 $7,027.00 $7,215.00
GP-3700-07 7'6" 37' 14 $6,438.00 $7,555.00 $7,758.00
GP-1000-10 10' 10' 9 $3,494.00 $4,212.00 $4,342.00
GP-1100-10 10' 11'3" 9 $3,902.00 $4,620.00 $4,750.00
GP-1500-10 10' 15' 10 $4,379.00 $5,177.00 $5,322.00
GP-1800-10 10' 18'9" 11 $4,916.00 $5,793.00 $5,952.00
GP-2200-10 10' 22'6" 12 $5,401.00 $6,358.00 $6,532.00
GP-2600-10 10' 26'3" 13 $5,878.00 $6,914.00 $7,103.00
GP-3000-10 10' 30' 14 $6,426.00 $7,542.00 $7,745.00
GP-3300-10 10' 33'9" 15 $6,889.00 $8,085.00 $8,303.00
GP-3700-10 10' 37' 16 $7,368.00 $8,644.00 $8,876.00
GP-1000-11 11'3" 10' 9 $3,614.00 $4,357.00 $4,492.00
GP-1100-11 11'3" 11'3" 9 $4,037.00 $4,779.00 $4,914.00
GP-1500-11 11'3" 15' 10 $4,530.00 $5,355.00 $5,505.00
GP-1800-11 11'3" 18'9" 11 $5,085.00 $5,993.00 $6,158.00
GP-2200-11 11'3" 22'6" 12 $5,588.00 $6,578.00 $6,758.00
GP-2600-11 11'3" 26'3" 13 $6,080.00 $7,153.00 $7,348.00
GP-3000-11 11'3" 30' 14 $6,647.00 $7,802.00 $8,012.00
GP-3300-11 11'3" 33'9" 15 $7,127.00 $8,346.00 $8,589.00
GP-3700-11 11'3" 37' 16 $7,622.00 $8,942.00 $9,182.00

Vinyl Top Colours

Frame Details

Trailer Screen Colours
  1. Frame measures 1-1/8" wide x 3/4" extruded aluminum with baked on enamel finish. Frames have four colour options: Standard white or taupe, and Premium black or antique brass (+ $35 per panel).
  2. Extrusion is 1/8" thick
  3. 44" top rolling smooth sliding door is standard
  4. Full one year warranty.
  5. The triple ply, heat sealed (welded joints), 14 ounce soft vinyl roof is made to last!
  6. Vinyl Color Choices -
    Green, Blue, Gray, Taupe, Burgundy or White

Delivery Included!

Delivery Included within Canada. All pricing includes delivery to your home, business or cottage address in or near most major centres within Canada.

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*Some remote and island ferry access areas subject to a surcharge. Other exceptions may apply.

**Please note that some items are custom made and are not returnable**

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Obtaining necessary permits is the sole responsibility of the purchaser. Customers agree to hold Patio Concepts Inc. and the manufacturer free of any liability for improper installation, maintenance and repair.

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