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Wall Attached Screen Rooms
  • Jardin Octagonal Screen Room
  • Jardin Spa (All Season) Enclosure
  • Balnea Carrousel Spa Enclosure
Jardin Octagonal Screen Room Mason Jardin Spa (All Season) Enclosure Polaria Balnea Carrousel Spa Enclosure PatioPlus
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Uses & Benefits
General Upper End Quality Screened Walls Upper End Quality, Best Vinyl Top Mylar Windows Mid-Range Price, Heavy Duty Welded Vinyl Top, Optional Mylar Windows
Key Differences Custom Sizes - Permanent Screened Enclosure. All Weather, Permanent 3-Season Sunroom, Thick Vinyl Top (22 oz.) Elegant and Sturdy. Very impressive quality and appearance. Spring & Summer use, High Quality (14 oz.) Heat Sealed Vinyl Top. All parts Are aluminum with stainless steel bolts. No Rusting.
Key Advantage Permanent Installation Permanent Sunroom at a lower price Moderately Priced for exceptional Quality with most features of any room.
DIY Delivery, Setup & Maintenance
DIY Setup Difficulty Level Moderate
Set up in hours
1-2 day setup
Moderately Easy
5-7 Hours
Delivery Status 3-4 Weeks 4-5 Weeks 3-4 Weeks
General Construction 2"x2" & 1"x2" Extruded Aluminum framing. All 'U' channels extruded aluminum, Fiberglass screens. Kick plate is an available option 1/8” Thick Extruded Aluminum Load Bearing Framing. Fiberglass screens, Kick plate, Sliding Polymer interior windows included. Patented roof tensioning system. Excellent Roof Overhang and water drainage 44” wide x 74” high Aluminum Screen Frames, joined with Vinyl Hinge, Fiberglass Screens. Interior wind & privacy panels available. Easy roof tensioning system, built into a 5" roof overhang so that the rain water does not wash down the front screens.
Standard Walls consist of: Horizontal extrusions are 1" x 2"
Vertical extrusions are 2" x 2"
You can place the support bar, which is on the inside of the screen panels, anywhere within the range of center height to 1/3 height.
This means that you can create a clear line of sight for when you are seated in the room.
Your choice of no kick-plates or 18" or 24" kick-plates
Full Heavy Duty Sliding Mylar Windows with screens included
Side walls are 78” high, 56 ½ ” Wide
Walls completely assembled in kit form
Wall Frames are extruded Aluminum in Beige or White
Aluminum Framed Full Screen wall, floor to ceiling
Divided by frame support 2/3 top, 1/3 bottom, for unobstructed view when seated
Screen frames are standard 74” high plus 2” roof support beam
Standard Fiberglass screening, easily replaced if damaged
Frame and door widths are 44” plus joining vinyl hinge
Warranty One Year Five Years One Year
Maintenance No maintenance requirements Clean roof and windows yearly Recommended removal of top for winter months
(15 - 20 minutes)
(Distance away from house wall)
Dependant on your existing roofline - no limitations 10’, 11’, 12’, 13’ or 14’ 7’ 6”, 10’ or 11’ 3”
(Distance away from house wall)
Dependant on your existing roofline - no limitations 10’, 11’, 12’, 13’ or 14’ 7’ 6”, 10’ or 11’ 3”
Widths available Dependant on your existing roofline - no limitations 10’, 11’, 12’, 13’, 14’, 15’, 16’, 17’ or 18’’ 10’, 11’ 3”, 15’, 18’ 9”, 22’ 6”, 26’ 3”, 30’, 33’ 9” or 37’
Back Wall Heights Dependant on your existing roofline - no limitations Minimum 94 7/8” (varies depending on projection) Minimum 91” to a maximum 107”
Roof gables are custom designed to be level at all heights
Features & Options
Door Single out swinging screen door with kick-plate Single Swing-in door, heavy duty Mylar windows & side lites
Optional doors in almost any position
Single Aluminum Sliding door may be positioned to suit your deck.
Additional Sliding doors available. All sliding doors on rollers for easy use.
Roof: Your existing roof line Heaviest Vinyl top available. Full 22 oz for maximum strength against wind, rain and snow
Double valence for sharp appearance
Roof overhang of 5” to allow rain water to drain away from windows help to keep interior dry and for better appearance
Load supporting 2 ½ ” x 1 ⅝ ” rafters with 3 ½” x 5” lateral support beam
Heavy duty 14 oz vinyl top, Heat sealed means no sewn seams for longer lasting leak proof use
Top has front and side tightening system using threaded extension bolts and tie down sides, front overhang 4” – 5”
Rafters are 1” round galvalume tubing. Top wraps around tubing for appearance and to prevent flapping in higher winds.
Optional: Extra Doors NOTHING ELSE REQUIRED Extra Doors NOTHING ELSE REQUIRED Extra doors (Positioned anywhere you need them)
74” Frame Height
Custom Back Wall height
Inserts to enclose all or part of room. All with Aluminum frame, Mylar or Vinyl insert with quick release frame lock. Light and easy to handle. Upper 2/3 inserts are hinged for flexibility of use
Mylar: See through, clear or tinted
Vinyl: Full privacy, White for maximum brightness or a color to match the top.
Colour & Style Options
Color choices Frame: White, Bronze or Beige Frame: White or Beige
Top: 5 Color Choices
Frame: Taupe or White
Top: 6 Color choices

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