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Solstice Retractable Awning

A sophisticated and fully protected retractable awning. Available in an open or semi-open configuration so you can adapt it to several types of installations.

The Semi Open Solstice awning is an excellent product if your awning is not sheltered by an eave, as it features an elegant enclosure that completely protects the fabric when retracted. The awning can also be installed in many other ways to suit your needs

The open model of the Solstice Collection is designed to adapt to several types of installations. Adjustable, it offers you the possibility to control the angle of your awning according to the degree of sunlight.

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High Quality

Integrated housing, UL certified motor with remote control

Size Options

Choose from 4 projections (8′, 10′, 11.7′ or 13.5′) and 11 widths

UVA and UVB Protection

Blocks 99% of UVA and UVB sun rays up to an equivalent of SPF 50.

Style Options

24 high quality acrylic fabrics, water repellent, never fade.

Solstice Profile

Open Solstice

The open awning of the Solstice collection is the ideal model for those who are looking for a high quality, versatile product in terms of possible installations.

Unlike other models, the mechanism allows you to adjust the awning’s angle to your liking, throughout the duration of the day, and according to the amount of sunlight

Solstice Profile

Semi Open Solstice

The Semi Open Solstice awning is an excellent product if your awning is not sheltered by an eave, as it features an elegant enclosure that completely protects the fabric when retracted. The awning can also be installed in many other ways to suit your needs

All of our retractable awnings will ship within a 4-6 weeks. Delivery is included in the price. Five year limited warranty on structure and 10 year limited warranty on the fabric. Assembled in North America.

Add Value

Solstice Retractable Awning Image

The Professional Awning Manufacturers Association (PAMA) estimates awnings can save as much as $200 a year by reducing the time the air conditioner runs. The association says the energy performance of an awning is usually affected by its style, fabric color and orientation. Realtors say that awnings make their job easier because awnings are "like jewelry on a house." that adds value in four ways:

An undressed window on the inside of your house cries out for draperies, blinds or shades. Dressing exterior windows is just as important because unadorned windows can make your home appear cold and unwelcoming. Awnings add curb appeal to your house in the same way that window dressings on the inside of your home add warmth and decorative value. When a visitor approaches your home, the awnings communicate that you care enough about your house to add curb appeal and aesthetic value.

You spend more money to keep your house cool in the summer months when the sun beats down on your windows all day. Awnings add shade and block the sun, reducing heat build up. When your home is cooler, your air conditioner won't have to work as hard or run as often. You save money while you live there and you pass these savings onto the next owner, which adds value to the sale of your home.

Add a patio awning to your house to make your outdoor space more comfortable. When you can sit outside in the shade, instead of in the blazing hot sun, it will seem as if you added outdoor living space to your home. You and your guests will enjoy being outside and won't have to constantly raise, lower and adjust a patio umbrella. This is a nice convenience for you and a value you pass onto a home buyer.

Awnings are optional accessories that show you are a homeowner who cares about your property. Installing awnings indicates to potential buyers that you probably maintain other aspects of your home, such as the heating and air conditioning systems and the plumbing. Buyers are more likely to purchase a house that has been maintained than a rundown house.

Color Options


Frame Colors

The Solstice has three frame color options.

Brasilia Soft White Housing Color Soft White Brasilia Onyx Black Housing Color Onyx Black

Fabric Colours

23 fabric color options (scroll to see them all). Some fabrics may be out of stock for the season and will not be available during checkout. Can't decide on a color? Contact us and we'll send you up to 5 samples to help you decide.

Measuring & Installing



  • Awnings have from 3 to 6 brackets, depending on length.
  • It is easier to install an awning securely on the wall than under the soffit.
  • Measure the wall where you want to install your awning. You need at least 96 inches from the ground to any roof, eaves or overhang.
  • Measure the width of the wall where you want to install your awning.
  • Your wall needs to be free of any obstructions (doors, windows, vents, light fixtures) over the whole width of the awning over, by an area 9,5” inches high, the bottom of this area needs to be at least 90 inches from the ground. We recommend 102 inches from the ground.
  • If your wall is made of masonry, you will need to have at least 4 rows of bricks over the top of the bracket for a safe installation. The weight of the rows above prevents the awning from pulling the bricks loose.
  • Whether you are installing on siding, masonry or other types of wall, the outer corner of the walls have a few inches without structural parts. Consider this if you have limited space to install the brackets (because of a narrow wall or windows close to the corners.)
  • If you don’t have free space on your wall, open the soffit and look inside your eaves. You need to see if your trusses or rafters are level or slanted and if they are strong enough to support the awning.

  • If your trusses are slanted, you will need to purchase rafter adaptors. These adaptors are NOT included in the price of your awning.
  • It is possible to install the awning in the fascia if there are no rain gutters and if you can reach the trusses or rafters through the fascia. In this case, choose the wall configuration.
  • If your eaves are cantilevered on two sides, the corner of the eaves is not strong enough to support an awning. This means that your brackets can never go wider than your wall even if the eaves are wider than the wall.
  • Motor side: To choose the side of the motor, stand outside, looking in at the house. The power cord is 24 feet long for the Europa and 15 feet long for the Athena and plugs into a regular outlet.

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